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So far, what I have been doing so far is gathering info and reading material for doujin projects for this year? Pretty humdrum stuff.... although I think I really should reconsider about making a HachiKuro comic IDK HOW DO YOU MAKE A FANCOMIC FOR THAT??? I will never be as poignant as Umino Chika orz ||||

Just let me practice drawing ossans sobs

I really need to get into my otoge gaming mood. I haven't touched a game since November. I've been trying to get myself hyped by listening to Tasogaredoki voice samples ^q^ I'm pretty excited about the game teehee


Oct. 6th, 2012 12:39 pm
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So the other day I went to the dentist because my gums were hurting -- TURNS OUT IT'S MY LAST TWO WISDOM TEETH TROLLING ME AND HEY WE GOTTA REMOVE THEM sobs


Well the dentist warned me this would happen when we removed teeth no3 two years ago. The dentist last week told me these two aren't that hard to extract, compared to last time. Still doesn't make me happy/glad though.
The surgery is scheduled for next month so I'll quietly suffer until then :/
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I think my lil subdomain (where I used to keep my winskins) died? LOL

I'll prolly resurrect it again at a free webhosting place tonight. IDK I liked the lil thing, it deserves to live on the internet (eventho I havent been updating in yonks)

I considered setting up a blogger there BUT WHAT'S THE POINT WHEN I HAVE LJ AND DW LOL
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Amnesia anime
was announced a few months ago and they just revealed the animators in charge; Brainbase. BB did some good shows i.e Natsume Yuujinchou.... but I'm really non confident about how the anime storyline will turnout. ANOTHER FRIENDZONE END, I predict orz
I'm not really digging the anime art either.

Brothers Conflict the anime....
When I found out about this, OH MAN I WAS RAGING ゴ━━━━(# ゚Д゚)━━━━ルァ!!
Ugh... idk, maybe I would be happy about it IF BB was out by now. Releasing an anime now is like giving me the impression that companies are just milking the franchise. -_-

I guess it's becoming a trend where a successful otoge will get an anime adaptation in the future. Otoge has entered mainstream media by 2012.

And now for something different;

Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de
Frankly I wasn't even interested in this, until I found out it's a parody of Sega vs Nintendo console wars LMAO
Unsure if I'll watch it but u gotta admit the plot/characters are lol
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- my sinus infection is getting better atm. truthfully, it wasn't that BAD of a problem. but I felt stressed from the lack of sleep due to the constant coughing. I got cough meds now so they helped me get some much needed rest.

- current doujin progress; 9/15 pages done. whoooo \0/ i've gone over my quota~ I feel like celebratin'

- in related news, I have no idea what to draw for afuji's tmgs doujin /( ^q^ )\ I AM SCREWED
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- long Raya holidays \0/ it will be over soon but I'm pleased I managed to finished inking the 7th page of my Megaten comic. My goal for the holidays has been met :D
- unfortunately I managed to fall sick during the holidays too :/ throat infection + sinus infection. I'm heading to the doctor's first thing in the morning
- I finally got a smartphone a few weeks ago homg lol Now waiting for my ICS update.
- I've already preordered Hyakkiyakou and the CGs released made me feel rewarded I chose to play for the tsundere cousin first ((( ^q^ )))
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Excuse me while I アヒャヒャヒャ(゚∀゚≡゚∀゚)ヒャヒャヒャ MY WISH CAME TRUE???!?!

It’s a sequel game to Oumagatoki, so I’m wondering does the main storyline follow the True Ends from the first game? Or will each route just pick up from where each route ended (Best Ends)? Frankly I’m open to anything, I JUST WANT SOME SORT OF CLOSURE FOR HIBIYA’S TRUE END (ノ゜д゜)ノ シュッ 三 ┳━┳ Y DID U DO IT, GURRLLLL


Is it me or.. did they get the Diamond Alice game artist to draw for this???

Looks like it’s 3 Quinrose games on my to-buy list so far ^q^

In other news, I just received Toki no Kizuna in the mail and I got KimiKare to run after updating my cfw. Now if only I HAD ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD so i can play these game and do doujin at the same time orz |||
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So yes, there's this otoge by Otomate and I didn't pay any mind to it back then because it had catgirls/guys.

Because years of anime watching, I now hate catgirls. Mainly because they don't. act. like. cats. at. all. Cats are furballs of death and I love them for it lolol

So I was youtube surfing and then I saw the OP vid of that said game and... colour me impressed. The visuals are quite high-quality for an otoge and the music was beautiful.

So it was off to google and then I find out this game (Jyuzaengi) has Nobuo Uematsu composing the theme song and BGM. WHAT THEEEE-------- ∑(O_O;)Shock!!

Then I find out the game is based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the heroine is CATGIRL Guan Yu.


I confess I haven't read all of RoTK but it's hard to shake the image of macho gar Guan Yu....

Shota catboy Liu Bei voiced by Akira Ishida..... /accio brain

IDK if I'll play this BUT DAYUM THE MUSIC SAMPLES ARE LOVELY TO LISTEN TO <3 <3 /definitely wants the OST

I hope catgirl Guan Yu is badass. Like srsly, Japan and their love for passive heroines sometimes.....
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IDK but... it just doesn't feel like January to me lol

I have a feeling my internal clock sorta stopped ever since my mom's death. IDKMAN it just feels like any other day to me /shrugs

Anyway I've been planning for some splurging on luxury items i.e. new phone, gaming system, watch etc.. But then I realized with the new year comes the house tax, land tax and whatnot, WHOOPS. Looks like I'll have to rethink this.

Although I do need a new phone like burning. I wanna be like the cool kids and have a smartphone! /punched


Nov. 7th, 2010 10:44 am
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I need to pad this out soon but hello dreamwidth~!

the 411

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