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So yes, there's this otoge by Otomate and I didn't pay any mind to it back then because it had catgirls/guys.

Because years of anime watching, I now hate catgirls. Mainly because they don't. act. like. cats. at. all. Cats are furballs of death and I love them for it lolol

So I was youtube surfing and then I saw the OP vid of that said game and... colour me impressed. The visuals are quite high-quality for an otoge and the music was beautiful.

So it was off to google and then I find out this game (Jyuzaengi) has Nobuo Uematsu composing the theme song and BGM. WHAT THEEEE-------- ∑(O_O;)Shock!!

Then I find out the game is based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the heroine is CATGIRL Guan Yu.


I confess I haven't read all of RoTK but it's hard to shake the image of macho gar Guan Yu....

Shota catboy Liu Bei voiced by Akira Ishida..... /accio brain

IDK if I'll play this BUT DAYUM THE MUSIC SAMPLES ARE LOVELY TO LISTEN TO <3 <3 /definitely wants the OST

I hope catgirl Guan Yu is badass. Like srsly, Japan and their love for passive heroines sometimes.....

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